Frozen Mango

Introducing IQF mango chunks. These mango chunks have a delicious sweet taste with a dense, yet soft and silky texture. It also has a great-smelling floral and fruity rich aroma that adds a great smell to your dishes. Mix it into smoothies, create fresh mango ice cream, or create signature cocktails and drinks like a fresh mango-peach sangria. Guests will love the rich texture and flavor it adds to your menu.

Best of all, these mango chunks offer a premium, fresh-picked taste. Each piece is IQF and shipped frozen in order to maintain the fresh quality of the perfectly ripe fruit. Plus, since it comes already cut, these mango chunks reduce prep time and are ready to use. Always keep these mango chunks stocked in your kitchen to offer guests a menu that is bursting with flavor!

Egyptian mangoes are world famous with strong rich taste and irresistible scent, with different varieties.

Product Information:

Freezing Process


Packaging Units :

As per Client request

Frozen Mango for Juice/pulp/Slices

(Depends on customer request)

Shipping Units :

Plastic bags in a box /40 Ft container /22 Tons


All Year